Our History

Seeds for the present MRUC were planted in January 1911 with Methodist Services instigated by Wesley Methodist Church (Neil Street) . These evening services were held in the Middle Ridge Hall (where the Ridge Shopping Centre is today). It’s recorded that Sunday School classes predated this. The services were well attended and by early 1912 the Leaders were confident that a Methodist Church should be planted in Middle Ridge.

A block of land was donated – diagonally opposite the present building in Stenner Street.

Plans were drawn, a builder engaged, and the Church was opened 11 weeks and 5 days later – not a bad time line! A photo of the stump Capping Ceremony is included in Wesley’s 50th Anniversary Booklet of 1912. (This is in our archives.)
During the early / mid 1970s Church Union was on the agenda.

The Congregation from Toowoomba’s Congregational Church (where Chalk Drive is today) was invited to join with Middle Ridge Methodist Church in the growing area of Southern Toowoomba. This eventuated, and it was decided to join their two buildings together on the NW corner of the Garden Settlement grounds (now Blue Care).

The amalgamated church was called Union Uniting Church, and it became one of four Uniting Churches in Toowoomba City Parish, covering the area in Toowoomba’s south-east.

This “planted” church then acquired several membership “grafts” as Presbytery closed churches. Several members joined from Raff Street (March 1996), many members plus the Minister from Wesley (Sept 1996), Scots (West St) in 2001, and a few from Rangeville when it left the Uniting Church.

The original building has had 2 major additions – Activity Hall 2 in 1995 and the new Worship /Foyer area in 2006.

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