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TERM THREE SERIES – “Living as a Community of Faith”

Over the past few years, our congregation has taken to designating the third term of the year as a season of particular focus, study and growth.  Our Sunday worship services, small groups and YAK programs all participate in our Term 3 series.

This year, our theme will be Living as a community of faith.  While being part of a church may be “old hand” for many of us, it still takes particular understanding and effort to live together as a deliberate community of Jesus-followers.

Our congregation only exists thanks to relationships: first our relationship with God draws us into fellowship with other believers, and second our relationship with other believers draws us into closer fellowship with God.  Because the Church is about people then the Church is about relationships.  Therefore, the way we live as a community of faith, the way we work with, interact with and treat each other is important.

And not just for ourselves but for our witness to the world.  As God’s people, we are called to live differently, not just for the sake of it, but as an example of how life can be when humans allow God to influence their ways.  Think about that for a moment – imagine our congregation being an inspiration to the rest of Toowoomba.  (This is not to say we aren’t already being inspirational.)  The way we live as a community of faith impacts the effectiveness of our witness.

Churches over the millennia have always had difficulties.  The first church in the ancient city of Corinth was no exception.  They were a good church congregation with some amazing spiritual gifts but they had problems getting on with each other.  So the Apostle Paul wrote to them and taught them how to be a church.  This is the letter we know as 1 Corinthians and this will form the scriptural basis of our Term 3 series.

So be part of the gathered worship each Sunday, join one of the Bible study groups, read 1 Corinthians, and make the most of this series to learn and grow.  And while you engage in the study, also engage afresh with each other.  Learn again what it means to live as a community of faith – for our sakes, for Christ’s sake, and for the sake of the world.

New groups available are:-

  • Monday evenings at 7:30 – mixed group. Contact Ron Hawkins.
  • Tuesday evenings at 7:30 – Working Women’s group. Contact Linda Adamson.

Or join with one of the regular groups:-

Child Friendly Bible Study
Weekly Monday 1pm to 2-30pm
Contact: –   Nicole Irwin, ph 4636 3850
Wednesday Ladies Bible Study
Weekly Wednesday 9am to 11am
Contact: – Jo Cox ph. 4636 3850
Young Mum’s Small Group
Weekly Friday 10am to 12pm
Contact: – Naomi Bell ph. 4636 3850

Thursday Blokes Discipleship Group
Weekly Thursday 7-30pm
Contact: – Rev. Rob Callow ph. 4636 3850

Come and enjoy the fellowship as we grow in our Faith together.

Not sure which group is right for you? Contact us and we’ll help you find a group to join.

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